Does the city of peoria drug test?

Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace · Acceptable Use of IT. To be considered a lateral candidate for the Peoria Police Department, the applicant must be a certified full-time police officer, in good standing, with a minimum of one year of experience and out of probation. Submit an online job application. Applications will be reviewed and qualified applicants will be contacted for a 15-minute telephone interview.

The most qualified candidates from telephone interviews will be invited to participate in the lateral testing process. Below are the test dates for this hiring period and information about the physical test and interview. The POPAT consists of the following tests. Download the Ride Along form (PDF).

A thorough background investigation will be conducted on the most qualified candidates for the position. The AZPOST medical exam verifies general health, fitness and fitness. Tests and will include a drug test. A series of psychological tests will be carried out, which will be evaluated by an accredited psychologist and used together with a personal interview to evaluate the applicant and determine their suitability for employment.

The Chief of Police, based on the results of the selection process and personal interviews, will make the final hiring decision. WEBSITE DESIGN BY GRANICUS - Connecting people and government. After ten (full) years, you can establish and maintain your residence within the city of Peoria or outside the city within a twenty (20) mile radius of the Peoria Fire Center headquarters.

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