What is the minimum coverage required by law for auto insurance in illinois (chicago)?

While the minimum car insurance requirements in Illinois are predefined, they are not intended to be a limit on the amount of coverage you can or should get. Proof of insurance most often consists of insurance identification that verifies your name, insurance company, policy number, and effective dates of coverage. The Illinois car insurance plan Some drivers simply aren't insured through any insurance company, but they still own a car and have a valid driver's license. Each state has its own laws regarding the minimum car insurance coverage needed for each vehicle, and since Illinois drivers drive an average of 12,921 miles a year, it's important that you have the right insurance coverage.

If you do not provide proof of insurance during a traffic stop If you do not provide an officer to request your insurance information during a traffic stop, it is presumed that you do not have any liability insurance. Other types of optional auto insurance in Illinois Beyond the mandatory minimum coverage, certain optional coverages are available. Underinsured motorist insurance Underinsured motorist insurance is included in uninsured motorist insurance. If you're interested in getting a car insurance quote in Illinois, contact your American Family Insurance agent to discuss what type of protection best fits your needs and what discounts may apply in your region.

In addition, Illinois sends out insurance verification questionnaires at random and then verifies your answers with your insurance company. Illinois requires proof of insurance at all traffic stops, so you'll need to carry your most recent insurance card in your vehicle or be able to show it in another way.

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